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Just Deserts
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Love Comes Home
Eight Miles

Hi, Taylor Glass here. Don't you like my name? Ramblin Scribe does. I don't know how she came up with it, but I think it kinda fits me. I finally got MY turn on her site. Hmmmph. And she claims to be a nontraditional woman. I love both Jake and Shac, of course. We all make a pretty good foursome when we bounce ideas around. Ah well, she's the creator and without her, where would we all be? Out in some nebulous realm waiting for some writer to grab us. I have been hanging out in Nashville, getting some training in, consulting on a few cases here. I like to hang out in Wexler Bend, beautiful place, but have to wait for the brass to send me in, usually on request by the locals.

A case the Task Force has been working on for some months now may get me back to WB. It has tendrils in a number of Southeastern states, maybe further. I heard Ramblin Scribe is working on her next novel and it will include that case. Cosmetics will be involved, one of my favorite things along with nice clothes. If she'll get to working a little harder on it. I understand the case also includes the family of Shac's boss, Chief of Detectives Tawson. You gotta know that puts a little pressure on a PI just trying to make a living. As well as us law enforcement types! Hopefully we'll be learning more about it as the time gets closer.

Hope everyone who wants has had a chance to catch up with Cam, Shac, Jake, and me in Delusion for a Lonely Girl, Ramblin Scribe's latest Cam Locke novel. Cam and I both managed to get into a little trouble in it, too. At the hand of someone we would never have suspected. But getting in too deep into some vices will cause people to do some pretty bad things. Let Ramblin Scribe know how you liked it in a review, if you want. She'd like that. I think she's got some plans to hopefully connect with our readers more next year. Stay tuned.