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I don't usually make New Year's resolutions. Maybe I should start. Being a country music fan forever, especially a Statler Brothers fan, I'm reminding myself of one of their old hits, Flowers on the Wall. I'm not reduced to that at least, and the only flowers on the wall I could count are in the kitchen and I certainly don't want to sit in there counting flowers. Last time I wrote that procrastination is not a good thing. Which it isn't. But so easy to elevate almost to an art form. After slogging through last November's NaNoWriMo I and my muse apparently decided to hibernate from writing. Thanksgiving, early winter extreme cold and ice, Christmas, out-of-state visit, more cold wet, weather, New Year's and end-of-year wrapups. Then a death in the family and another out-of-state trip.

Since writing became an integral part of my life a long time ago I figured (read 'hoped') it would call me back. And it has. I'll get back to the rewrite of Royce Thorne's second case and finally publish Cam's third case, which takes her to the Gulf Coast. Maybe one reason I've procrastinated on it is that a character everyone liked dies in it. Or not. I really don't know.

I also want to get back to working on a newsletter, so if you're on the list you may see some of this rambling again! Everyone stay as warm as you can and maybe in a few weeks these winter storms will be gone.


The print edition of a standalone novel, Sweetwater Deception, is now available in print format. Will get the ebook up soon. (I will!) It's been out as an ebook for a while on Smashwords. This one is set in Georgia, where I grew up. The book was one I did a first draft for during November 2016's National Novel Writing Month. The main character in Sweetwater Deception, Dana Pennington Kenyon, is also a Georgia native who must confront secrets from her past when she returns to the farm where she grew up. I don't anticipate that it will turn into another series, but who knows? Look for it in online venues!


When Royce Thorne's policeman husband was killed in the line of duty, her life changed in more ways than is usual for a widow. But there were compensations, as readers will discover.
Check it out and if you haven't read it, try it out!

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